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The Michelangelo Foundation

The Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship is a private, international, non-profit foundation based in Geneva, Switzerland. Established by Johann Rupert and Franco Cologni, the Michelangelo Foundation’s mission is to preserve, encourage and promote fine craftsmanship.

The Michelangelo Foundation is aware that, in spite of the advent of modern technologies, human hands will always possess the unique ability to create meaningful objects, spared from standardisation and homogeneity. Thus the Foundation seeks to facilitate connections between European master artisans and a conscious, curious clientele, enabling the latter to discover – either directly or through digital experience – the workshops, ateliers and artisanal businesses active throughout distinct regions and territories.

To safeguard the competitive advantage of the artisanal sector, which produces objects that reflect the human character of creativity and make our lives more beautiful, the Michelangelo Foundation fosters exchange and collaboration between fine craftsmanship and design, and between master artisans and those who commission bespoke creations.

The ultimate aim is to encourage the growth of a new cultural movement, one which would bring with it both social and economic rewards, most notably increased employment opportunities for artisans. Furthermore, through its dynamic and multinational network, the Michelangelo Foundation cultivates synergies to stimulate ideas, exchange and new projects.

Franco Cologni and Johann Rupert


A vibrant network

The Michelangelo Foundation is creating a growing network of like-minded organisations throughout Europe, made up of associations, museums, educational institutions, foundations, and chambers of trade and commerce dedicated to promoting craftsmanship. More than 60 organizations in over 25 countries make up the network today and many of them have made invaluable contributions to Homo Faber.

Michelangelo Foundation Network